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Vorsteiner unveil BMW 1 Series M Coupe kit

A bit of a while ago, the American tuner Vorsteiner teased us with a new aerodynamic package they were readying for the BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

The new kit is called the BMW 1M Coupe GTS-V package, something pretty much typical with the tuner’s branding habits.

Vorsteiner BMW 1 Series M Coupe GTS-V
Vorsteiner BMW 1 Series M Coupe GTS-V

That’s not all that’s typical for Vorsteiner, the contents of the package seems to be the same as their other products with the GTS-V name.

Minor aerodynamic changes are spotted, some make considerable differences whereas others barely make any.

Either way, Vorsteiner uses carbon fiber on all the parts that go on the BMW 1 Series M Coupe. Even if there are some new additions, they weigh next to nothing.

Vorsteiner BMW 1 Series M Coupe GTS-V
Vorsteiner BMW 1 Series M Coupe GTS-V

With the parts that are replaced, boot lid, front lip and all the ducting that implies to cool the brakes, that’s a different story as weight is lost.

Along side the improved aero and reduced girth, the Vorsteiner BMW 1 Series M Coupe also gets a wee bit more power thanks to a new sports exhaust system.

To be precise, that’s 15 horsepower and 5 lb-ft of torque courtesy of a titanium setup. Everything is enjoyable and even this bit of the story saves some weight.

About that, guess what performance figure is aided by the brand new 19 or 20 inch BBS light alloy wheels. All of the components Vorsteiner has in store are bolt-on bits.

More importantly, because they can be fitted onto the standard bolting points, they’ll also be easily reversible and backwards compatible.

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