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3D Design F10 BMW M5

So what if people have started criticizing the fact the F10 version of the 5 Series is styled with too much of a conservative set of lines?

So what if the F10 BMW M5 looks almost exactly the same as it and very few people can tell the difference? It’s actually great, the whole point of the 5 Series is to be discrete while going fast.

3D Design F10 BMW M5
3D Design F10 BMW M5

The M5 takes it a serious notch further but doesn’t make up that big a difference in looks. Please admit that this is right.

For those of you who prefer to whine about the situation there’s plenty of tuning companies ready to take your money and make the car look as angry as you might want it.

3D Design, currently partnering with the British at Mulgari Automotive, will even do you the great favor of allowing you to buy the new kit they’ve developed one part at a time.

3D Design F10 BMW M5
3D Design F10 BMW M5

A full lower aerodynamic package is available, as well as a price list for each of the bits:

  1. a front splitter costs £1.435,
  2. arear diffuser costs £1.000,
  3. carbon side skirts cost £1.363,
  4. a rear spoiler comes in at £615.

If you’re not exactly satisfied with the performance levels of the F10 BMW M5, 3D Design will also offer some performance enhancing toys as well.

3D Design F10 BMW M5
3D Design F10 BMW M5

A new exhaust system, air filter kit and an ECU remap are available for £699 and are said to give the sports sedan an extra 15% more power.

We should remember that we’ve already covered the 3D Design M5 but the Japanese design is now available in Britain.

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