BMW 1 Series M Tuning

Alpha-N Performance BMW 1M RS

Where do these people come from? Who sits around thinking, yes, I want a BMW 1 Series M Coupe because it’s a very exciting car but I reckon it should be even more exciting.

I don’t know, but they seem to be just about everywhere since a new tuning package for the BMW 1M seems to turn up every couple of weeks or so.

Alpha-N BMW 1M RS
Alpha-N BMW 1M RS

The newest one to join the lot comes from Alpha-N Performance and before I even look at i, I am annoyed by it’s creation. I shouldn’t be though.

Alpha-N Performance is a tuner that’s more special than you’d imagine since it has absorbed the ruins of a different company.

That’ll be the much loved Brabham racing team that used to be a major player in the Formula 1 set. They may not be around but they have some very useful know-how from the high profile sport.

Alpha-N BMW 1M RS
Alpha-N BMW 1M RS

Which exactly the reason behind the Alpha-N Performance BMW 1M RS featuring a kit which includes a carbon fiber hood, front fascia, lower spoilers, roof, boot lid spoiler and rear diffuser.

So Alpha-N dropped the weight, always an welcome addition to the plan but they’ve also been a little busy adding some extra power.

The 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged straight six cylinder engine now gets an extra 70 horsepower making for a total of 410 being produced.

Alpha-N BMW 1M RS
Alpha-N BMW 1M RS

That’s achieved courtesy of a remapped ECU, a new air intake and exhaust system. Finally, the BMW 1M RS gets six piston calipers, 380 mm brake disks and braided stainless steel lines all around.

The final change is to be found in a set of lightweight OZ Superforgiata 19 inch alloy wheels.


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