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BMW ActiveE gets tuning from Turner Motorsport

Turner Motorsport have made some very interesting decisions in the past but this one seems a little weird. They’ve decided to create a special tuning package.

It’s a brand new suspension kit. That sounds pretty remarkable and though the suspension kit is developed for the BMW 1 Series, it’ isn’t really fitted to one.

Turner Motorsport BMW ActiveE
Turner Motorsport BMW ActiveE

The model that actually gets the tweaked suspension is the BMW Active E all-electric version. This changes a few things.

Apart from making it impossible to fit a sports exhaust system, the suspension should really make for best use of its power delivery.

Who says that a short blast around the suburbs can’t be more enjoyed by a suspension so stiff it can shake your kidneys off their mountings.

Turner Motorsport BMW ActiveE
Turner Motorsport BMW ActiveE

I suppose the 18 inch wheels with stickier rubber will also make the handling a tad more uncomfortable. Oh and there’s another thing.

Eco tires being replaced by grippy sports ones always decreases the fuel economy of a car and when it comes to an electric one like the BMW ActiveE that’s not good news.

An already limited range being further chopped down seems like a bit of an issue even if you’re a fan of the short drive and the long recharge.

Turner Motorsport BMW ActiveE
Turner Motorsport BMW ActiveE

Still, while Turner Motorsport’s idea seems like a shoddy one, the coilover and handling kit of the BMW ActiveE actually has a different kind of importance.

It shows us that in the future, electric cars can be tweaked and that there’s no need to put up with a little eco-box.

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