BMW M3 Tuning

BMW M3 gets some Guerilla tuning from Cam Shaft

That’s a combination of words we never thought we’d get to see exist. Guerilla is a type of warfare that basically contradicts the very nature of standing out from the crowd.

While the idea and branding may not be the most honest and true words in the world, the Cam Shaft tuning BMW M3 Coupe that’s supposed to have some this tuning is pretty interesting.

Cam Shaft BMW M3 Guerilla
Cam Shaft BMW M3 Guerilla

The German tuner started their work with the now on its last legs E92 BMW M3 Coupe and made a few modifications to the looks without messing about with the performance.

Some say that’s not a good idea but if you really know how good the standard BMW M3 is, maybe you can appreciate the need to stand out more than the need for more speed.

They may have fitted an Akrapovic exhaust system with new cats but that’s mostly done for the sound effect rather than anything else.

Cam Shaft BMW M3 Guerilla
Cam Shaft BMW M3 Guerilla

Some additional carbon fiber trim pieces go on but the weight loss is so small it will be all washed away if you grab a jacket with you.

The only slight worry is the fact that Cam Shaft tuning claim to have fitted some sort of sportier suspension bits which almost certainly means they’ve spoiled the ride quality altogether.

Hey, at least you have an excuse to go slow since the exterior is on show-off mode all the time with its metallic space gray vinyl wrap and its new 19 inch BBS alloy wheels.

Cam Shaft BMW M3 Guerilla
Cam Shaft BMW M3 Guerilla

The exterior changes add up to just over 3200 USD however there’s no mention on the cost of the exhaust or the suspension.

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