BMW Z4 Tuning

BMW Z4 updated by SR Auto Group

SR Auto Group, or SR Auto, as we keep seeing in their latest press releases, may be in the middle of a re-branding process but they’re keeping their eyes on the goal.

The people who actually work on the tuning packages they create haven’t spent a moment on thinking about the name and instead had a go at changing the BMW Z4.

SR Auto BMW Z4
SR Auto BMW Z4

Changing may actually be to strong a word for the circumstance, the changes going on in the brand might seem more substantial than the Z4 tune’s changes.

There are now performance changes. As far as we know there are no interior changes either. There aren’t even any new toys to consider.

In fact, SR Auto have taken a lesson from the neglect BMW have been given the Z4 and updated it with a couple of minimalist changes to the exterior.

SR Auto BMW Z4
SR Auto BMW Z4

Last time BMW had a go, they offered new colors for the convertible hardtop. SR Auto, on the other hand, have created a new option for you with the whole paint job and the wheels.

You can now have it in a Black that’s not matte yet seems to absorb the light around it with ease and a new set of two tone alloys.

These are 20 inch rims with a CEC C882 design that have been painted (powder coated?) in Vibrant Red and Gunmetal Silver.

SR Auto BMW Z4
SR Auto BMW Z4

It’s quite the nice effect but we honestly thing there are still plenty of tweaks the tuning world can offer the BMW Z4.


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