BMW 5 Series Tuning

F10 BMW 5 Series rides on Forgiato Wheels

If the automotive industry is our wife, the tuning scene is that mistress we keep on the side. Much like in real life, there are limitations.

The first one needs to be somewhat restrained and grown up. Even if you want it to tickle certain parts on sight, she still needs to raise your children and you have to introduce her to your family.

Forgiato Wheels F10 BMW 550i
Forgiato Wheels F10 BMW 550i

The mistress on the other hand can be as young and wild as you want (or is legally acceptable) or as kinky as anyone of your friends can imagine.

I wonder though, can’t the mistress be a different flavor rather than just the extreme alternative the child inside you always wanted?

That’s the point of this F10 BMW 5 Series with a slight bit of customizing. This isn’t a G-Power million horsepower sex swing. It’s the girl next door.

Forgiato Wheels F10 BMW 550i
Forgiato Wheels F10 BMW 550i

She has the Double D 4.4 liter V8 engine, she has the twin-turbo thighs and she’s even got the well proportioned body that looks drop dead gorgeous in a little black dress.

The only thing different once the Forgiato Wheels go on is that she’s wearing some jaw dropping high heels to go along with the rest of the party.

The new colors found on the headlights, roof and rear wing can be the tasteful jewelry she keeps for special occasions.

Forgiato Wheels F10 BMW 550i
Forgiato Wheels F10 BMW 550i

Everything goes well. The best part about subtle tuning like this is that looking at this F10 BMW 550i with its custom wheels you can’t help but wonder one thing.

Is she wearing some provocative underwear underneath this exterior look that simply oozes sex appeal.

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