BMW X1 Tuning

Hamann BMW X1 Tuning

The Germans at Hamann Motorsports Tuning have, over time, prepared what’s possibly the best thought out version of the X1 crossover ever to be offered to the public.

Being Germans, they probably couldn’t let themselves screw it up so they looked into every aspect of the BMW X1 and tried to improve or add some individuality to it.

Hamann BMW X1
Hamann BMW X1

That’s why they offer a new look for the exterior, updated interior accessories, a tweaked suspension setup and even some power upgrades for all the engines in the range.

The exterior look is a mere refinement moment rather than a flamboyant wide body kit and, as a result, is pretty self explanatory.

We might as well focus on the technical stuff while we’re at it. The suspension was revised with new springs and features a 30 mm drop. Unfortunately, this is only available for the xDrive models.

Hamann BMW X1
Hamann BMW X1

Thankfully, the new look is well complemented by new sets of alloy wheels, all of which measure in at 20 inches and come with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 or Continental Sport Contact 5P tires.

And now we can get to the engine, the BMW X1’s sDrive18d and xDrive18d versions get their engine upgraded from 143 to 177 horsepower.

One class higher, the sDrive20d / xDrive20d can go from the 177 standard ponies to 210 whereas the xDrive23d goes from 203 to 249 horsepower.

Hamann BMW X1
Hamann BMW X1

Finally, the most exciting choice in the range, the BMW X1 xDrive28i goes from the standard 258 horsepower to 275.

All of these changes are achieved via the optimizing of the ECU curves and also come with some modest improvements in the torque figure.

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