BMW M3 Tuning

Hooning about in a custom BMW M3

I’d love to say for certain this custom made E92 BMW M3 was done by a certain firm or at least that it uses body panels from one of them or the other.

Truth be told, I’m not sure which ones they are and I couldn’t really care since the images we have here don’t just star a custom BMW M3.

Custom E92 BMW M3
Custom E92 BMW M3

They star a hot E92 getting hotter as it’s hooned about in front of a camera in all of its Matte Red finish and black details beauty.

Who did the matte red? Is it a paint or vinyl wrap job? Who provided the can of black paint needed for details like the alloy wheels?

I’m not sure you’re paying attention to what I’m saying here. Those are mere details and don’t really matter right now.

Custom E92 BMW M3
Custom E92 BMW M3

The important thing is that a Canadian photographer called George Bucur managed to capture the essence of fun in owning such a car without putting people at risk.

It’s not eve a closed off private track that’s being used for the event. Everything seems to have taken place at some sort of industrial park.

Love the smokey back end shots, love the one near the water reservoir but hate one thing about this particular custom E92 BMW M3.

Custom E92 BMW M3
Custom E92 BMW M3

Why on earth would you black out the rear lights? That, to me, is the most questionable kind of tuning ever and it strikes me more to know there are now window tints.

So you’re not sure about the visibility you have in traffic but you’re almost certain to hamper the one of other road users…


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