BMW 1 Series M Tuning

H&R Springs’ BMW 1M Coupe

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe is, to us, one of the finest cars ever made and doesn’t really need fiddling about in order to be enjoyed.

That’s the sort of idea that doesn’t really exist in the mind of tuners of the world as just about every single one of them has made a kit for the 1M Coupe.

H&R Springs BMW 1M
H&R Springs BMW 1M

Some of the special packages created with this very special car in mind don’t even belong to actual tuners. This one for example is the vision of H&R Springs.

As if the title of the company didn’t give it away, H&R is actually a suspension specialist that makes components for other tuners to use in their packages.

Maybe they just got tired of having things this way round and will, therefore, go in and make the whole package themselves.

H&R Springs BMW 1M
H&R Springs BMW 1M

Unlike a lot of tuners, or even manufacturers out there, H&R have only bit off what they can chew and didn’t mess about with the engine, interior or anything tricky like that.

H&R’s new BMW 1M Coupe stick along some fairly simple principles and start off with a lowering kit they make themselves.

The 1 Series M Coupe gets a 1.2 inch drop at the front and a 0.6 one at the rear. Then H&R have stuck to the recipe and provide it with new alloy wheels.

H&R Springs BMW 1M
H&R Springs BMW 1M

The new center lock wheels come with sticky Michelin tires but, more importantly, encompass 380 mm cross-drilled rotors.

Finally, BMW’s 1M gets a very important kind of livery, the ideal Bavarian paint shades alongside a small decall for H&R Springs.

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