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Kelleners Sport F10 BMW M5 Gallery

It’s a hot day outside and even though the air conditioning is sweating to keep things cool inside, sometimes it feels like the heat is going through regardless of its efforts.

What we need is something that can make your house feel cooler than it really is. How about a proper look at Kelleners Sport’s take on the F10 BMW M5.

Kelleners Sport F10 BMW M5
Kelleners Sport F10 BMW M5

We did get a preview of the idea an we do know what to expect, but the big question is this, did they manage to overcome our expectations?

From the look of things, the Kelleners Sport F10 BMW M5 hasn’t changed since the preview, something that’s fine by us.

The exterior look is the same but we do get to see more details of the affair this time. We can seriously appreciate the 20 inch Hamburg design alloy wheels.

We can do the same with the revised body kit which pretty much replaces the entire lower part of the F10 BMW M5’s body.

Kelleners Sport F10 BMW M5
Kelleners Sport F10 BMW M5

Current trend lovers will also appreciate the matte black paint covering the whole thing whereas performance aficionados will love the carbon fiber and real speed gaining tweaks.

There’s an adjustable coilover kit which replaces the standard suspension and a new exhaust system with a beefier sound.

According to the newly fitted speedometer, there’s the potential for some really high speeds as 340 km/h is where it can go up to.

Speaking of the interior of the Kelleners Sport F10 BMW M5, there’s some very lovely quilted leather covering most of it.

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