BMW X5 Tuning

Lumma Design BMW X530

We may not be the most pleased with the idea but some of BMW’s best selling cars are big SAVs such as the BMW X5.

That’s a fact that makes it rather tricky to stand out in such a car. With the Lumma Design option the X5 gets to be little different.

Lumma Design CLR X530
Lumma Design CLR X530

The front end is a little dubious looking but I do appreciate the way just about everything else looks and feels.

In regards to the feeling part, nobody will feel anything new about the way the performance is delivered since Lumma Design have only updated the interior and exterior of the X5.

The usual custom bits have been fitted, there’s a set of new floor mats, newly fitted leather and a few other upgraded trim pieces.

Lumma Design CLR X530
Lumma Design CLR X530

While the aluminium pedals mix well with the new interior paint scheme they feel a tad over sized, perhaps they were designed for people with very big feet.

Moving on back to the exterior design, let’s start with the weak bit. The new grille they’ve fitted on both the radiator and a large part of the front bumper.

For good measure however, Lumma Design’s BMW X530 gets some 22 inch alloy wheels with a matte white finish to match the exterior paint.

Lumma Design CLR X530
Lumma Design CLR X530

In terms of other actual body kit upgrades, there are new side skirts, eyelids for the headlamps and there’s also a new rear bumper and a relatively small spoiler.

Everything seems interesting and perhaps in a different color some would dare say the Lumma Design creation would improve it immensely.

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