BMW M6 Tuning

Lumma Design previews BMW M6 CLR

The Germans make better cars than their manufacturers when they get round to having an engineering based tuning company.

But even then there can be some problems. They often get to a point where they mess up the styling one way or another but this preview has no problem.

BMW M6 CLR by Lumma Design
BMW M6 CLR by Lumma Design

Apart from it being done to a F12 BMW M6 and from having all the mods made by Lumma Design, the design is brilliant for a very important reason.

There seems to be no styling cue that is supposed to have a lot to do with what Germans think looks good. Everything on the new BMW M6 CLR is inspired by racing cars.

If I’m honest that’s not always the best idea to have on a road going car but it’s certainly better than a certain two-tone blue and yellow car.

BMW M6 CLR by Lumma Design
BMW M6 CLR by Lumma Design

The Lumma Design BMW M6 CLR will have a lot of wings, spiltters, flared wheel arches and other similar tweaks because the point here is to get more downforce.

Having considerably more downforce teamed with new stickier tires forges a path for some considerable performance upgrades to be fitted.

As this is still a preview we’re dealing with right now, Lumma Design isn’t ready to tell us what will be making it move about.

BMW M6 CLR by Lumma Design
BMW M6 CLR by Lumma Design

Even if there’s no engine tuning, the 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 which develops 560 horsepower and a similar amount of torque will certainly be put to better use.

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