BMW Z8 Tuning

Remember AC Schnitzer BMW Z8

The Z8 roadster is the very important car that the Bavarians at BMW made with a lot of care and attention and yet it ended up being a spoiled brat.

It was expensive, handled pretty shoddily and pretty much did two things right, the styling and used the V8 engine that was put in the E39 M5.


Apart from that it was a flop. However, the car has always got itself a soft spot with customers or BMW enthusiasts even if it was for being the odd one.

The soft spot is also extended to the customized versions made by companies like AC Schnitzer. Their version gets very few visible changes.

The lines and some of the lighting fixtures have been changed by the German tuner in such a discrete fashion that even when looking at both cars at the same time it’s hard to tell the difference.


At least that’s what some would like to know but in reality AC Schnitzer offer some completely superficial changes everywhere round.

You can have new wheel sets, new floor mats, different handbrake covers, a new gear shift knob and some aluminium pedals.

In truth, AC Schnitzer do offer a full suspension kit for the BMW Z8 but that’s about it.


We’d say that their alloy wheel selection is compatible with some high performance tires but seriously, these days you can get custom wheels for just about any car and any tire.

It would seem then that the BMW Z8 continued on its way of rebellion even when tuned by a completely different company.

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