BMW 6 Series Tuning

SR Auto E64 BMW 6 Series Convertible

When you’re a kid, the only kind of tuning that matters to you in the world is turning your car into something worthy of Need for Speed.

Either that or something that would seem pretty fitting as long as there’s plenty of shiny stuff and preferably some machine guns attached.

SR Auto BMW 6 Series
SR Auto BMW 6 Series

Then you grow up and go through the black rapper opulent SUV stage, maybe the low-rider idea and then the middle age situation of the overpowered muscle car.

Eventually you’ll come to your senses and go for a normal kind of car that starts up every morning, doesn’t spin its tires on every time you touch the pedal and maybe even has a soft top to soak up the sun.

That’s pretty much the moment when you buy a BMW 6 Series. It does everything a normal car does but isn’t as tedious as the 5 Series.

SR Auto BMW 6 Series
SR Auto BMW 6 Series

And because you bought yourself a car which stands out, you’ll likely call up a tuning company like SR Auto to make it a little more special.

Trouble is, the wife didn’t want it to be widened if she ever drives it nor did she agree to the flame thrower setup the kid inside you still wants, you’ll need to limit your customizing.

SR Auto is only to happy to help you out with all these requests by fitting a lot of chrome bits, at the helm of which there’s a set of huge wheels.

SR Auto BMW 6 Series
SR Auto BMW 6 Series

You’ll somehow claim you got the wrong wheels to your friends but secretly you’ll know those rap video Escalade chromed alloys are what you want.

You even like the fact that the package is called the Teflon Don don’t you?

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