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Video: Acceleration test BMW M5 vs … BMW M5

Yes, we’ve got a video showing us the difference in acceleration between the BMW M5 and the BMW M5. And just in case you think we’re talking about a Top Gear rip-off, it’s between two F10 BMW M5 models.

Mind you, the match-up isn’t exactly the fairest of them all since one of the two is actually an AC Schnitzer ACS5, a prepped version of the sports sedan.

AC Schnitzer ACS5 BMW M5
AC Schnitzer ACS5 BMW M5

That’s why there’s a rather substantial difference in the way the speedometer needle climbs up the range and also the reason why the rev needle is more eager to move about.

Before we take a look at the actual footage lets remind ourselves the basic figures, both cars have a twin-turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine.

The standard F10 BMW M5 produces 560 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque whereas the tuned AC Schnitzer ACS5 has 620 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque on tap.

Obviously, apart from the joy of 60 extra horsepower, the AC Schnitzer’s version of the F10 BMW M5 comes with no top speed governor.

That’s why the quicker car also goes up to 305 km/h (189 mph) instead of the 270 (168 mph) possible in the factory car.

Still, a rather obvious video and AC Schnitzer have made their point. I can’t say I could easily live with that styling but there’s no doubt that I’d be happy with either of the cars in my driveway.

AC Schnitzer ACS5 BMW M5
AC Schnitzer ACS5 BMW M5

I mean, who could literally say no to a comfortable, practical sedan with a dignified interior that simply blows the doors off supercars?


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