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Vorsteiner E60 BMW M5 second look

It hasn’t been long since the F10 BMW M5 brought the world of sports sedan a fresh view on how performance and comfort can be combined.

Another thing the newest version of the BMW M5 did is bring some attention to the older version of the M5, the raunchy naturally aspirated V10 powered E60 generation.

Vorsteiner E60 BMW M5
Vorsteiner E60 BMW M5

That was probably the last of the BMW M5 cars to come up rocking a proper, motorsports derived BMW engine. Which does bring along some other nostalgic moments.

If I weren’t a bit nostalgic for the “old car” right now I probably wouldn’t be focusing your attention back onto the Vorsteiner package for the E60.

Still, while BMW may have fallen victim to legislation as to what cars they can make, Vorsteiner remained true to their aerodynamic passion.

Vorsteiner E60 BMW M5
Vorsteiner E60 BMW M5

All the American tuner offers for the BMW M5 in E60 trim is pretty much what they offer for any car around, some carbon fiber made aero bits.

The list here includes a new front aero splitter, different diffuser, slightly bigger rear decklid spoiler and, perhaps the most significant drag reducing bit of them all, the custom floor mats.

I’m not very sure about what’s going on with the new alloy wheels Vorsteiner fitted to the E60 BMW M5 but they seem quite fitting so there’s no need to criticize them.

Vorsteiner E60 BMW M5
Vorsteiner E60 BMW M5

Finally, the Vorsteiner tweaked E60 BMW M5 also gets some other tweaks for the radiator grilles, side vents as well as a vented hood.

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