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Alpina B7 gets updated by Tunerworks

Inception fans may make a joke out of this but it seems like the BMW 7 Series is getting some Inception-like tuning these days.

After specialist German tuner Alpina took the 7 Series and turned into their B7 model, some people considered it not to be enough.

Tunerworks Alpina B7
Tunerworks Alpina B7

These would be the people at Tunerworks who felt a touch-up was just enough to update the Alpina B7 to something a whole lot less “common”.

The changes they made aren’t really that impressive. Nothing was done to the engine and nothing changed about the interior.

After that, Tunerworks got down to business and fit the Alpina B7 with a new suspension kit and updated alloy wheels.

Tunerworks Alpina B7
Tunerworks Alpina B7

There’s plenty of people who are interested in the Alpina B7 but don’t really like the traditional alloys the company fits but the suspension may not be such a smart idea.

For one, Tunerworks actually used H&R suspension package which isn’t exactly well known for the softness of its ride.

That, alongside the lowered ride height might make it a rather uncomfortable day out. That’s not something you want from a large luxury sedan like the 7 Series.

Tunerworks Alpina B7
Tunerworks Alpina B7

The 22 inch ADV10 Deep Concave wheels also seem a little unfitting for such a car. They’d probably feel more at home on a 3 Series or other sporty models.

Maybe I’m out of place or maybe Tunerworks actually made a mistake in taking on the Alpina B7 with their tweaking decision.

We’re all entitled to some, so maybe we’ll see them do better work next time.

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