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BMW M3 Sedan gets ADV wheels and more

Custom wheel makers will always find great cars to show off their best products and we don’t really see anything in standard trim in these press releases.

With these new ADV rollers we get to see an E90 BMW M3 Sedan that’s finished in white, comes with a new body kit and some contrasting black accents.

E90 BMW M3 ADV Wheels
E90 BMW M3 ADV Wheels

Speaking of which, these accents are to be found on the side view mirrors, the front bumper side vents and in the newly fitted wheels.

The wheels showcased here come from ADV.1’s Advance One Wheels sets. That means they come with a tweaked look as well as some refined performance.

Officially, they are designated ADV5.2TS.SL units which is probably going to be something none of us is going to remember.

E90 BMW M3 ADV Wheels
E90 BMW M3 ADV Wheels

What we might remember is the fact that the new wheels look more than smooth on the sharp suited business sedan of the E90 BMW M3.

Something the drivers may notice is the fact that the wheels are lighter, the un-sprung weight is reduced and that the handling is even more finely tuned than before.

The entire press release from ADV speaks of stuff like Track Spec, Super Light series but let’s not kid ourselves here, when there’s this little play in the suspension you will never risk hitting a kerb.

E90 BMW M3 ADV Wheels
E90 BMW M3 ADV Wheels

You might also wan to be extra careful anywhere else. Let’s be fair, this sort of car will not get to utilize its extra lightness as much as brag about it.


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