BMW X6M Tuning

BMW X6 M gets some Hulk-like tuning

A short while ago we saw a new BMW 1 Series M Coupe that was tuned in such a fashion we actually ended up considering the Hulk as a potential owner.

It seemed to have the appropriate color, but there’s something slightly different in this equation. The size and… bulk of the BMW X6 M make it much more fitting for the super soldier.

Hulk BMW X6 M
Hulk BMW X6 M

The sort of power that’s under the bonnet of the BMW X6 M also strikes us as considerably more Hulk-like than the screaming straight six of the small coupe.

Even though both engines are turbocharged, the 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 produces some seriously impressive figures.

With 555 horsepower ready at 6000 rpm and 500 lb-ft of torque available between 1500 and 5650 rpm, there are moments when the powerplant feels strong enough to take tanks apart.

Hulk BMW X6 M
Hulk BMW X6 M

In the mind of a certain Russian BMW owner, the most important thing you can do with a BMW X6 M is show it off. Kind of hard to disagree with it.

What is a lot easier to dismiss is the lowered ride height and the two tone paint. The dark chrome green paint is more than acceptable.

On the other hand, the black painted roof and bonnet feel considerably tacky. The mix looks so bad that not even the 21 inch multi-spoke alloy wheels can save it.

Hulk BMW X6 M
Hulk BMW X6 M

Thankfully, the Russian tuning school still is big on tinted windows therefore you can hide yourself when sitting in traffic in such an embarrassing SAV.


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