BMW 3 Series Tuning

Custom E90 BMW 335i rides on SSR Wheels

When I had a second look at the tweaked F12/F13 BMW 6 Series with custom alloys from Modulare wheels I noticed there’s an untapped resource here.

There’s plenty of stuff, particularly in the BMW tuning segment that we’re not on top of because they don’t have a particular big name to consider.

E90 BMW 335i tuning
E90 BMW 335i tuning

The E90 BMW 335i is quite capable vehicle but it’s nowhere near as impressive as this particular one that 1013MM photography got a hold of.

This particular car was fitted with a dealer installed M Performance cosmetic package and some new lighting tweaks.

At this point there’s a ground effects kit, new bonnet and a quad exhaust system to consider. The headlights aren’t the best choice to my mind, but they’re still acceptable.

E90 BMW 335i tuning
E90 BMW 335i tuning

A red exterior is still a matter of taste but the black tinted windows, the black foil roof and the similarly colored details contrast well.

The radiator grille, side view mirrors and two new spoilers are typical tuning tweaks yet they’re quite acceptable on a sleek and angry BMW.

It seems that the most important focus point of the equation is still the SSR alloy wheel kit. The rollers are three piece 19 inch forged construction.

E90 BMW 335i tuning
E90 BMW 335i tuning

That may be the case but let’s face it, most of us are going to be noticing the rest of the package first. Either way, it’s one aesthetically pleasing machine.

If the future plan includes some extra toys for the interior this thing would simply be unbeatable.

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