BMW M6 Tuning

D2Forged wheels for the BMW M6

Lately, the appearance of the F12/F13 BMW M6 seems to have created a little bit of standing out panic among the owners of the previous generation’s model.

Tuning companies and creators of various custom accessories for our cars will not hesitate to cash in on this situation.

D2Forged BMW M6
D2Forged BMW M6

This must be the explanation for the way a new set of wheels that were specifically designed by D2Forged for the BMW M6 have turned up right now.

According to the wheel making company, this was a specific product for the E64 BMW M6’s convertible counterpart. Though that sounds unusual there’s a good amount of sense in it.

When you fit a performance car that’s already pretty stiffly damped with 21 inch alloy wheels, you are probably going to never drive it anyway other than slow.

D2Forged BMW M6
D2Forged BMW M6

Boulevard cruising is probably the only thing your spine can take with this setup and that seems just as well since the whole point is showing off.

The multi-spoke alloys aren’t particularly light, particularly strong, particularly easy to clean or particularly useful.

If you can appreciate the beauty of a Gloss Black paint finish with an Interlagos Blue Lip Stripe and some extra darkened lug nuts.

D2Forged BMW M6
D2Forged BMW M6

Though generous in image offering of their new products, D2Forged wheels aren’t willing to hand out the details of weight and costs.

For that you’re going to have to look them over on their website or maybe contact them directly.

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