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E92 BMW M3 gets Alpha-N makeover

Alpha-N Tuning have finally gotten round to making what a lot of people wanted to see them make. It’s a special package for the E92 BMW M3.

The 335i kit wasn’t hardcore enough to impress the same way the BMW 1 Series M Coupe’s makeover stood out from the crowd.

Alpha-N BMW M3
Alpha-N BMW M3

Without talking it up or anything, it seems that the German tuner genuinely delivered what was needed this time.

To begin with, the Alpha-N BMW M3 looks bad enough to be Batman’s spare car. Better still, in order to achieve this effect, no explosions were used.

Exterior mods are limited to a body kit, a set of new wheels and a rear wing that seems to be suspiciously similar to the one found on the M3 GTS.

Alpha-N BMW M3
Alpha-N BMW M3

Speaking of which, thanks to a new exhaust system from Akrapovic and an ECU remap the 4.0 liter V8 now develops 450 horsepower, the same as the track day version of the car.

Those 19 inch O.Z. Superforgiata alloy wheels are as light as possible and since they’re teamed to Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, grip and handling should not be a problem.

Not that it was in the original car to start with but if you add some grip, some downforce and reduce the unsprung weight, there’s certainly no room for complaint on wheel turns right?

Alpha-N BMW M3
Alpha-N BMW M3

Some extra pounds are lost on the interior, most of which come from ditching the electric seats of the original in favor of some racing buckets from the “hard to get” Recaro Pro Racer Hans range.

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