BMW 3 Series Tuning

F30 BMW 3 Series body kit by 3D Design

The great design the F30 3 Series was blessed with by BMW gave several tuners a hard time to tweak and upgrade but some have managed to make it through the weave.

Though it’s much trickier to tweak it and not push the design into the love or hate category, Japanese studio 3D Design managed to pull off this amazing feat.

F30 BMW 3 Series by 3D Design
F30 BMW 3 Series by 3D Design

According to their own press release, the company plans to offer more packages for the F30 in the future. If that’s the case and they’re at least as good as this one, bring them on.

Technically, the 3D Design F30 3 Series makeover comprises itself of a new body kit, new alloy wheels, repainted kidney grilles and custom aluminium pedals.

The pedal box arrangement is a trademark feature for the F30 BMW 3 Series but the new exhaust tips fitted don’t really come from the same lineup.

F30 BMW 3 Series by 3D Design
F30 BMW 3 Series by 3D Design

Meanwhile, the bodykit itself is made up of a front lip, tweaked side skirts a trunk spoiler and one of the smalles roof spoilers ever.

All bits of the 3D Design kit can be fitted to any model of the F30 BMW 3 Series line but some minor modification is required before that can happen.

For some reason they seem to be considerably proud that the fog lamp bezels area easily interchangeable with the stock ones.

F30 BMW 3 Series by 3D Design
F30 BMW 3 Series by 3D Design

Maybe I missed the point here but I do like the rest of the car and I reckon it’s well worth the money. I’m only saying this because for now they haven’t announced a price but I do hope I won’t be forced to change my mind.

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