BMW M5 Tuning

G-Power’s M5 Hurricane Touring

There’s no tuner more obsessed with the performance package than the Germans at G-Power. They’re so interested in giving Jeremy Clarkson what he wants they have a record for such a thing.

They still have quite the record with the E60 BMW M5 and they don’t seem like they’re about to stop anytime soon.

G-Power BMW M5 Touring
G-Power BMW M5 Touring

While they keep cooking up newer, faster and more aggressively tuned models, G-Power don’t want us to forget the estate version of the same M5 Hurricane.

It’s something they designed to give the Edo Competition M5 Touring a run for its money and boy does it get trashed.

Whereas the regular M5 has 500 horsepower, the Edo Competition one has 555 horsepower but the G-Power version has a total of 750 hp.

G-Power BMW M5 Touring
G-Power BMW M5 Touring

That’s the sort of thing that makes for some very interesting figures to read. The acceleration and top speed figures are amazing.

At a 0-62 time of less than 4.5 seconds, it takes 9.7 seconds to get to 124 mph and just 26 seconds to 186 mph.

Even though we’re talking about an estate, let’s consider the fact that 186 is not the top speed. Oh no, that’ll be 224 mph.

The interior of the G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane Touring seems to be all that more luxurious, as an estate, rather than a sports car that’s filled with carbon fiber.

G-Power BMW M5 Touring
G-Power BMW M5 Touring

That means you can sit inside the luxury and comfort of a nice BMW, with a custom and unique feeling. It’s just that it can hit some ridiculous speeds as well.

Sounds like the perfect car, as long as you don’t consider the price or the fact that fuel economy can’t be mentioned around this beast.

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