BMW 1 Series M Tuning

The Hulk drives a BMW 1M Coupe

Believe it or not, infamous comic book, movie and cartoon hero, the Incredible Hulk, actually drives a small car. It’s no Smart car, but it’s a two-door BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

Arguably one of the most fun cars ever made, the BMW 1M Coupe should go well with the Hulk’s fun loving and no-nonsense attitude. His David Bruce Banner side will also like the efficiency.

Hulk's Lime Green BMW 1M
Hulk’s Lime Green BMW 1M

Either way, after some serious searching, we’ve finally been able to track down his car. It’s a nearly standard affair, but it does receive a rather specific exterior look.

Forget BMW’s standard paint options. Forget their Frozen Paint lineup and you can pretty much forget anything that could have come from Bavaria.

The exterior of this car is so crazily painted in the brightest lime green ever made that it could only have been made by Lamborghini.

Hulk's Lime Green BMW 1M
Hulk’s Lime Green BMW 1M

There’s no confirmation available on that being the actual origin of the exterior paint shade on this particular 1 Series M Coupe but frankly, I wouldn’t want to bug the Hulk with annoying questions, would you?

As for the few technical tweaks that happened they’re a new custom titanium exhaust. We’re yet to hear it but we suppose it has a “Hulk smash” sound higher up the ranges.

On top of that, there’s a set of Bilstien sports shocks and a lowered suspension. The extra beef in the suspension was obviously needed.

Hulk's Lime Green BMW 1M
Hulk’s Lime Green BMW 1M

Yannik Holler and Schwaben Folia came up with the photos so if you’re a Marvel Universe fan you may want to keep these guys on your checklist.

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