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Tuned BMW 135i gets special photo shoot

We love tuned cars and we love the tuning companies that come up with them but not all great custom cars were made by them.

Some, much like the BMW 135i we see here will not be wearing anything special in terms of badge but it seems to be filled with the passion of the owner.

Widebody BMW 135i
Widebody BMW 135i

The owner’s name is Ryan and he’s from Sacramento. We don’t know more about him and frankly we’re not very interested in his personality.

We’re much more interested in that of his car. Thanks to some wise decisions and (we’re guessing) considerable investments, he got himself a wonderful little driver’s car.

He didn’t mess around with the underpinnings of the BMW 135i, he didn’t gut its interior out and he didn’t feel the need to tell us anything about the engineering heritage of his creation.

Widebody BMW 135i
Widebody BMW 135i

That’s quite a breath of fresh air compared to the rather boring press releases of most established tuning companies.

The point of this car was to give it a distinctive look. The green tweaks of the alloy wheels, side mirrors and tow hook help and so does the rear spoiler.

The true star of the newly tuned BMW 135i is the carbon fiber wide body kit that was fitted to the small sedan.

Widebody BMW 135i
Widebody BMW 135i

We don’t know how much the weight drops by once its installed but it should be quite the considerable amount, some 200-300 lbs perhaps.

The photo shoot of the special occasion was taken care of by 1013MM.

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