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Tuning Oldies – E30 BMW M3 Touring

Ladies and gentlemen here’s the oldest and world’s only BMW M3 Touring ever made. Granted, it’s not exactly a standard model, but it stands up to the name.

While the body may come from an E30 BMW 3 Series Touring, the engine under the bonnet comes from a considerably more powerful M3.

Custom E30 BMW M3 Touring
Custom E30 BMW M3 Touring

And it’s the updated E36 version of the M3, the first such model to showcase the S50B30 3.0 liter straight six under its bonnet.

The new E30 BMW M3 Touring is actually made out of several donor cars, most of which where originally wrecked. The list includes an E30 3 Series Touring, an E30 M3 and the E36 M3 that gave up its engine.

There are plenty of E30 BMW M3 EVO II parts mixed in but there’s quite a few custom tuning bits as well such as carbon fiber and serious mods.

Custom E30 BMW M3 Touring
Custom E30 BMW M3 Touring

BBS brakes, AC Schnitzer tweaks for the interior and body kit as well as some factory M3 bits being used in the front and rear suspension.

In other words, this old school family car comes with a special 286 horsepower from its mighty smooth power delivery engine and it can properly handle it.

What I find remarkable is that this one off wasn’t built by some snotty tuning company or some expensive coachbuilder but by a bunch of passionate guys.

Custom E30 BMW M3 Touring
Custom E30 BMW M3 Touring

They went on to make the best of everything from three dying cars and produced something quite impressive.

Also worth noting is that the one off E30 BMW M3 Touring was then sold on eBay. The winning bid was just 45.000 USD.

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