BMW 7 Series Tuning

Vorsteiner BMW 7 Series aerodynamic package

Vorsteiner seems to be obsessed with aerodynamics. They just won’t let it go and they seem to get obsessive when a car isn’t up to their standards.

For example, the BMW 7 Series, for all its plus points, being small and cutting the air cleanly isn’t exactly in its spec sheet.

Vorsteiner BMW 7 Series
Vorsteiner BMW 7 Series

It doesn’t seem to matter. Vorsteiner have a kit for it and now that they’ve updated their package for it.

Why? Because BMW updated the F01 model’s appearance with a microscopic facelift which, among others, included some changes to the front end.

As the Americans raged at the idea, they’ve decided to cut back on the aggression front and improve upon the refinement.

Vorsteiner BMW 7 Series
Vorsteiner BMW 7 Series

Right now, the final list of the Vorsteiner VR-7 Sportiv Aero is limited to an Add-On Front Spoiler, a new Add-On Rear Spoiler and a fully functional rear diffuser.

Vorsteiner maintain their efforts for efficiency and their passion for carbon fiber so they’ve made all of these bits from the fabled materials.

Naturally, the options list for Vorsteiner’s take on the BMW 7 Series includes some new 21 inch alloy wheels, some custom floor mat and a new paint scheme.

Vorsteiner BMW 7 Series
Vorsteiner BMW 7 Series

Frankly, I’d shy away from all of them as the mats can be unusually pricey (even for a 7 Series) and the wheels and paint make the car look too… sporty.

The rest of the bits however contribute to the high speed stability nicely so if you know you do a lot of such cruising you might be interested in them.

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