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Vorsteiner showcases BMW M3 GTS5 package

American aerodynamics specialist and part time tuner specialist Vorsteiner have come up with a new package for the E92 BMW M3. It’s called the GTS5 package.

While we’d love to wax lyrical about it for a while, it does look and sound familiar. Maybe it has something to do with this particular Vorsteiner Tuning package for the same car.

Vorsteiner GTS5 E92 BMW M3
Vorsteiner GTS5 E92 BMW M3

So what’s the catch, are Vorsteiner ticking us off with a mock-up press release that smacks of lying? As I’m about to explain, that’s not the case.

The GTS5 package borrows quite a few ideas from the GTRS5 but it is more distinctive. It gets a meaner stance, a more aggressive front end and more.

The new vertical vents improve the cooling but not of the beast under the bonnet. They’ll be working towards giving the brakes a chance at doing their job without overheating.

Vorsteiner GTS5 E92 BMW M3
Vorsteiner GTS5 E92 BMW M3

That’s all very nice but what I consider particularly important for the GTS5 compared to the GTRS5 version of Vorsteiner’s take on the E92 BMW M3 is the overall look.

Missing out on the decals, changing the front bumper and adding in new alloy wheel options make for quite the more grown up choice.

You’re already getting a car with a carbon fiber roof and slightly flared wheel arches, there’s no need to shout about your tuned BMW M3.

Vorsteiner GTS5 E92 BMW M3
Vorsteiner GTS5 E92 BMW M3

I’m one of the guys that think such a car should still have the element of surprise on its side. No mini skirts and large cleavage here please.

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