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Alpina B7 launched at Laguna Seca

There’s a set of lucky folk at bimmerpost as they got to attend the launch of the Alpina B7 in what some would call inappropriate scenery.

The German tuner introduced their version of the luxury land barge that never really feels like such a thing at a track day.

Alpina B7 at Laguna Seca
Alpina B7 at Laguna Seca

Not only that, they’ve done so at a track that’s infamous for some serious G force pushing thanks to the incredible Corkscrew corner.

The Alpina B7 may still be using the twin-turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine from BMW but there’s a few changes the tuner puts in.

Having 540 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque on tap is amazing but the way that engine churns out those figures is what really matters.

Alpina B7 at Laguna Seca
Alpina B7 at Laguna Seca

Apparently the car pulls even more like a train than the standard car. Further more, it seems that driving a car that weighs more two tons around Laguna Seca doesn’t feel like it.

Saying it handles like a 3 Series is probably pushing it a bit too much but having the handling abilities of the F10 5 Series is nothing if not divine in something like this.

Overall, it’s obvious, nobody was disappointed with the newly introduced Alpina B7 and that’s before we even get to the talk about comfort.

Alpina B7 at Laguna Seca
Alpina B7 at Laguna Seca

It’s not like the 7 Series suffers in this aspect but Alpina make it even more soothing despite using larger wheels and different tires.

There’s plenty of stuff you can fight against, even taking an Alpina B7 to a track, but let’s face it, when you have the finances to get yourself a near 200 mph limo you can do whatever you want.


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