BMW M3 Tuning

BMW M3 riding on Vossen Wheels

I’m sure you’ve heard of Vossen Wheels before. It’s not a tuner, but they’re a company you’ve heard of when other tuners products were listed.

They’ve recently released a video where they decided to be the star of the show and forget the pointless bumpers and performance addons others have in their lineup.

Vossen Wheels E92 BMW M3
Vossen Wheels E92 BMW M3

Once you get over yourself, even the hardcore tuner fans will admit that the wheels and tires on a car make an enormous difference.

The wheels are also quite likely the first thing any tuning enthusiast will change on a car when they feel there’s a need for some extra buzz.

In this case, Vossen Wheels are ready to fit the E92 with a VVS-CV4 set. These rollers are finished in Matte Graphite and feature a multi-spoke design.

Sizes come in at 20×9 for the front wheels and wider 20×10.5 at the back. Unfortunately, the tires they recommend or come with are not recommended.

That’s a bit of a shame, but we’ll live with. We’ll also live with the tastefully tweaked E92 M3 Vossen Wheels used as a demo.

What isn’t so easy to live with is the way the video starts with a dyno test. You’d expect the car to be pumping out several million million horsepower.

Vossen Wheels E92 BMW M3
Vossen Wheels E92 BMW M3

Actually, that’s not the case, the point of the dyno showcase is yet to be determined but we’ll go with: “watch our wheels spinning around very fast”.

It works and even though there’s a discussion about comfort and stress for your back when running over the dips and bumps in a typical road.

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