BMW 3 Series Tuning

E30 BMW 3 Series with a big engine swap

The popular choice is here. It really is. The Bavarians at BMW are certainly not selling a limited number of cars these days but the popular choices still come from the past.

The E30 and E36 are still the most crowd pleasing models they ever made. The first of which really suffers for its age due to a relatively small engine.

E30 BMW 3 Series engine swap
E30 BMW 3 Series engine swap

If you’re one to love styling and looks but don’t want to settle for measly power, you’re certainly going to be following this example of tuning from the Netherlands.

In keeping the sleeper feel, the exterior of the E30 3 Series remains almost untouched. The only thing they updated is the alloy wheel set.

The wheels appear to come from a E46 M3 but they are needed in order to cover the brakes of the E36 325i this car uses. More swapped bits come into the equation later on.

E30 BMW 3 Series engine swap
E30 BMW 3 Series engine swap

Nobody’s telling us where the upgraded rear differential came from but the radiator is also from the E36, albeit the 324td model and so do the leather seats.

All of these updates are there to prepare us from the main courses. The typical miniature four cylinder engine is replaced by a massive 4.4 liter V8 engine from the E39 BMW 540i.

The new engine swap in this interesting tuning example produces 286 horsepower and it uses a six speed manual gearbox, also from the E39 but this time it’s the 535i unit.

E30 BMW 3 Series engine swap
E30 BMW 3 Series engine swap

It may be a bit of a Frankenstein creation but as the bits come from some interesting BMW models and have been designed to easily take the stress.

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