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E70 BMW X5 tries to be stealthy

Everytime you drive an SUV nowadays there’s a general consensus in this world that you should be hated somehow. There’s such a social stigma for them you can’t drive one if you’re sensitive to what people think.

This must be how a Lithuanian driver justifies his attempt at tweaking his E70 BMW X5 in order to live with owning it without the typical shame.

Stealth E70 BMW X5
Stealth E70 BMW X5

Either that, or he just wanted to get a certain cool air about his car and I’m misjudging him too nicely in how he made up his mind.

He got help from a company called Re-Styling who wrapped the exterior of his Bavarian SUV in the ever more popular vinyl wrap.

The color choice in question is not that much similar to the ever more popular wraps and paint schemes. The matte black effect has been used before, but not like this.

Stealth E70 BMW X5
Stealth E70 BMW X5

The idea of calling the car stealthy has a bit of a point since the Lithuanian… tuner didn’t stop with the body panels of the E70 BMW X5.

We’re looking at the alloy wheels, the plastic bumpers, the door handles and just about any place they could find. Factor in the black tinted windows and the desired effect is achieved.

There’s just now way one can see this car at night and, during the day, there’s just now way somebody can see you in it.

Stealth E70 BMW X5
Stealth E70 BMW X5

It seems then that the overkill wrapping from Re-Styling may have payed off in my fantasy world and still works decently in the world.


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