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Manhart Racing unveils MH5 S-Biturbo BMW M5

Manhart Racing have kept their promise. They’re no longer going to tell us they plan to make a BMW M5 tuning package.

They’ve actually rolled up their sleeves and actually went through to complete the project. The MH5 S-Biturbo BMW M5 is here.

Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo
Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo

They updated the exterior, the performance and went on to announce the changes in the most German way possible.

Manhart Racing tuned up the ECU map and then fitted an in-house valve controlled exhaust system with 90 mm Tips, 200 cell sport catalytic converters and downpipes.

I have little understanding of what either of these tuning bits mean but we do know the changes the MH5 S-Biturbo gets stand for two things.

Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo
Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo

The first would be the fact that the M5’s 4.4 liter V8 engine now develops 633 brake horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque.

The second change would be how the tuning on the Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo not only improves this car but also creates the opportunity for future improvements.

All those redesigned bits in the body are there to help aerodynamics but cooling is also a major factor here. Apart from the newly drawn bits, they’ve also lost some weight.

Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo
Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo

That’s thanks to usage of carbon fiber in the bonnet, a the new diffuser and the trunk – bootlid spoiler assembly package.

No price tag is available, no production figures have been stated and there’s no word on what the racing team has planned for those extra improvement room.

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