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3D Design F20 BMW 1 Series

3D Design tuning are definitely one of the outfits worth looking into in the future as currently they keep coming up with some great stuff.

It all started with their handsome interpretation of the F10 M5, carried on with the F30 3 Series and now went down to the smallest member of the family.

F20 BMW 1 Series by 3D Design
F20 BMW 1 Series by 3D Design

The F20 BMW 1 Series got remade by 3D Design in the company’s usual presence, with all the bells whistles and some decent partners.

Considering they offer something they call a full line of exterior accessories, it’s obvious you’re not getting the standard body kit.

The aerodynamics are completely worked over and yet are just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously, the alloy wheels are coming in as the next more striking thing.

F20 BMW 1 Series by 3D Design
F20 BMW 1 Series by 3D Design

Unusually, they’re not telling us what dimensions are used on it. Going on with the zoom, you can appreciate the new exhaust systems on offer as well as the interior components.

That exhaust system is pretty interesting in itself, mostly for the new sound it generates out of the relatively small engines in the 1 Series.

It’s also crucial for the rather exposed back end. That’s perhaps the first controversial bit of tuning we’re yet to see from 3D Design.

Allegedly, the exhaust system was developed alongside a company called Arqray. That sounds… almost familiar somehow.

F20 BMW 1 Series by 3D Design
F20 BMW 1 Series by 3D Design

Either way, the interior of the 3D Design tuning F20 BMW 1 Series is where the highlights are to be appreciated in their entirety.

There aren’t any comments there and nor are there any on the company’s decision to soon offer some mods for the chassis.

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