BMW M3 Tuning

Chinese widebody E92 BMW M3 with Gold Wrap

Oh so you thought Russian tuning had the lead in opulence and over-compensation? You foolish lad you.

We have a fresh creation from China which begs to differ. This could only come from a country which is lagging in terms of car culture yet which is booming in economy.

Gold Wrap E92 BMW M3
Gold Wrap E92 BMW M3

Even with the current slowdown and lack of future certainty, there’s just no denying that the Chinese market is still the go to place for financial amazement.

That and simple horror on the streets. Forget trucks hauling trucks stacked on top of each other and forget the crowded streets of Beijing.

True horror comes from a single car which, at one point, used to be discrete. Despite criticism for being one of the most obvious M cars ever made, the E92 M3 still had a grown up feel about it.

Gold Wrap E92 BMW M3
Gold Wrap E92 BMW M3

All of that was thrown out the window when the car was widened in true videogame style and then given a fashionable wrap.

Too bad the wrap finish is anything but fashionable. Gold used to be pretty cool a couple of centuries ago but now it’s just a tool to make you look like a cock.

Honestly, nobody has gone over the top with their means of transportation since Jeremy Clarkson towed a Jumbo Jet using a JCB tractor.

Gold Wrap E92 BMW M3
Gold Wrap E92 BMW M3

According to the owner, this car also receives some serious performance mods but who cares about that upon seeing it?

China’s most important car has a lot of room in the back, it doesn’t have anything to do with… how small your feet are.

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