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Dimma returns, comeback is a BMW 3 Series Coupe

A very long time ago, in a galaxy that’s, well, ours there used to be a French tuning company. It was called Dimma.

Back in their other life, they would rely on cheap hatchbacks to make their name. Eventually they ended up making them expensive but that’s another story.

Dimma E64 BMW 3 Series
Dimma E64 BMW 3 Series

After a while away, Dimma is now making a comeback and they’ve chosen a BMW model to highlight their return. It’s an E64 3 Series Coupe, a car that’s now as cheap as a hatchback.

Having started out with a clean, lovely silver painted 3 Series Coupe, they produced the Dimma D3 package, which isn’t really the prettiest car ever made.

Let’s do a quick summary of what’s going on. The fenders have been widened. That’s quite the good idea. The side skirts aren’t a good idea.

Dimma E64 BMW 3 Series
Dimma E64 BMW 3 Series

Firstly because of the color scheme and secondly because of the enormous vent in the side of each of them. Something else that isn’t a good idea is the set of bumpers they’ve come up with.

Both the front and the back look horrible with oversized openings and ungainly shapes. Once the conversion is done, Dimma moves on to provide a full two tone body wrap.

On something different looking it is a scheme that has been known to work. With the Dimma D3, it seems to have faded some of its appeal.

Dimma E64 BMW 3 Series
Dimma E64 BMW 3 Series

There is something about the E64 3 Series by Dimma that actually works brilliantly here, it’s the 20 inch alloys chosen. These are straight off the E63/64 M6.


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