BMW 3 Series Tuning

E30 BMW 3 Series conversion idea by TMCars

Well now, as much fun as we’ve had criticizing car makers from countries that aren’t exactly known as engineering hotbeds we now get the opportunity to do the same with tuning companies.

They keep popping up like mushrooms after rain and there’s plenty of them that have mucked up the E30 BMW 3 Series along the way.

TMCars E30 BMW 3 Series
TMCars E30 BMW 3 Series

These guys however seem to be coming up with a puzzler. They are the Hungarians at TMCars and they came up with a project that’s all CG.

Maybe the showcase is not the best of choices but the project itself looks great. It really does look like a modernized version of the E30 that’s not stupid.

It’s not made out of cardboard and even though it is technically going to be a wide body kit, it still looks pretty good.

TMCars E30 BMW 3 Series
TMCars E30 BMW 3 Series

The only thing that’s annoying about the design is the rather low key version of the radiator grille. Forget the kidney grilles, it looks like the front of a Lancia in the 90s.

That’s not a lovable look and it’s certainly not worthy of a E30. Everything else seems like it though. TMCars speak nothing about the interior but they praise the engineering of their kit.

According to the Hungarian tuner (that’s a set of words that don’t come together often) they’ve designed it in such a way that you can fit any racing suspension components you may want.

TMCars E30 BMW 3 Series
TMCars E30 BMW 3 Series

After all, the popularity of the E30 comes from the M3 version being the most successful saloon car racer in history.

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