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F12/F13 BMW M6 gets Akrapovic Exhaust

Akrapovic is the name/brand that seems to be etching everybody out when it comes to exhaust system upgrades.

Tuners love them, certain racing teams love them and even some audiophiles are in love with the capabilities of these systems.

F12 BMW M6
F12 BMW M6

With that in mind we should probably be chuffed at the announcement that all future tuners of the F12/F13 BMW M6 will receive an extra option.

They will have the possibility of fitting a custom exhaust system to the Bavarian Grand Tourer, one designed specifically for this car.

Once fitted the car will lose 27.1 lbs while gaining a bit more power and a throatier noise. The noise condition isn’t best for such a car but the power sounds interesting.

F12 BMW M6
F12 BMW M6

The 4.4 liter V8 S63Tu engine gains another 10 horsepower and an extra 12.5 lb-ft. Granted both of these gains are noticed at some pretty considerable rpms, they’re welcome.

Noticing some extra torque at 5200 rpm might be tricky to notice but the 10 extra horses at 5.950 rpm could genuinely help.

There’s another interesting thing to happen with the new custom Akrapovic exhaust system, it will actually be unveiled during the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

F12 BMW M6
F12 BMW M6

The French car show is less than a week away from kicking off and Akrapovic seem to have the plan ready by now. It seems that they will showcase one of these F12 M6 models with their exhaust system alongside some racers.

Most likely mock-ups but still good stuff is going to be there, perhaps a lot more interesting than regular manufacturer’s stands.

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