BMW 3 Series Tuning

F30 BMW 3 Series now available at AC Schnitzer

German tuner AC Schintzer has tweaked the new BMW 3 Series, the F30 and they’ve done so properly. The looks are upgraded and the specs are nothing to complain about.

Don’t expect the prize to be just given away however, this is not the ASC3 Turbo, these are more popular and more modest tweaks for the F30 3 Series.

AC Schnitzer F30 3 Series
AC Schnitzer F30 3 Series

In other words, these are the actual AC Schnitzer products you’re likely to see on the road from time to time. Are they the lesser products though?

Obviously, the performance will be less impressive than on the near 300 horsepower 2.0 liter turbo four and the general list of addons is shorter but there’s something more important to consider.

Due to the accessibility and the wide variety of cars the updates can be fitted to, it can offer up customization to more people.

I know tuning is supposed to be about exclusivity but if we’re to liken it to the fashion industry, we have to admit that it’s impossible to wear couture.

So far AC Schintzer offer packages for the 318d and 320d versions, the diesel ones in other to achieve 171 horsepower and 218 respectively.

The petrol engines, including the ASC3, are currently under development and will join the list of AC Schnitzer tuning available products later in the year.

AC Schnitzer F30 3 Series
AC Schnitzer F30 3 Series

We don’t suspect to see changes between the suspension system of the diesels and the petrols and nor do we expect the body kit to be wildly different.

Which is just as well, most customers will likely want AC Schnitzer’s wheels and ECU tweak first, with the rest of the options later.


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