BMW 3 Series Tuning

F30 BMW 335i by Hartge

One of the most restrained tuners to ever mess around with a BMW, the Germans at Hartge, have shifted one up with the F30 3 Series.

Just like they’ve previously updated the F30 328i earlier in the year they’ve now turned to the beefier 3.0 liter straight six cylinder engine in the 335i.

Hartge F30 BMW 335i
Hartge F30 BMW 335i

To begin with, it’s important to mention that fuel economy has not been overseen on this tune-up, even if the power is where the fun is at.

Speaking of which, when you get into an F30 BMW 335i you’ll find that the custom acceleration pedal unleashes a total of 362 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque.

That’s actually 50 horsepower more than the previous generation BMW M3 and 60 more torques than the current edition.

Take a good look at just what you can expect from this sort of engine:

After that sort of power goes under your bonnet, you may want to have people notice the changes even when they’re not being overtaken.

That’s how you’ll end up in front of the options list and you’ll nearly get in trouble. We all know that BMW floor mats are really expensive, you can imagine Hartge charges quite a bit for theirs.

And the same school of thought is found in the set of 20 inch lightweight alloy wheels and whatever other interior trim you will spec up.

Overall, Hartge’s F30 335i comes with no surprises and it’s not really that expensive compared to other performance tunes.

Just keep tabs on the options.

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