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G-Power’s 720 hp E92 BMW M3 gets custom interior

Assuming you love the idea of a G-Power tweaked E92 BMW M3, particularly one like the 720 horsepower capable one, you’ll likely want a little more customization.

Don’t worry though, the German tuner is not about to neglect the way this incredibly well performing Bavarian brute treats its passengers.

G-Power E92 BMW M3 interior
G-Power E92 BMW M3 interior

The E92 M3 isn’t exactly a class leader in terms of what it has inside but there’s enough in there to please most folks.

Once you move into the realm of G-Power and custom crazy power, it’s by no means enough. Which is why the tuner is hoping that their full leather treatment will fare better.

Not only did they cover the whole thing in leather from the finest flock of well groomed Bavarian cows, they’ve had a bit of a tweak done to the color scheme.

G-Power E92 BMW M3 interior
G-Power E92 BMW M3 interior

A two tone effect is carried throughout as there’s a very fine contrast between the black and beige they used for the interior.

Some Alcantara was used on the steering wheel and therefore everything you see and touch inside one of the properly equipped BMW M3s that were updated by G-Power performance bits is great.

Or rather will be. The images we have here are of the interior of the G-Power 720 hp are currently labeled as being under development.

G-Power E92 BMW M3 interior
G-Power E92 BMW M3 interior

Since G-Power isn’t a major manufacturer but a tuning company with a get up and go attitude the project should be ready in a few weeks.

Now that’s pretty active stuff we’re dealing with.


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