BMW 5 Series Tuning

G-Power’s E60 BMW 5 Series

I usually say some tuning company got misty eyed about an older car when they start doing up any outdated model of a popular vehicle.

That would certainly fit the bill for the G-Power E60 BMW 5 Series. Then again, let’s remind ourselves that we live in the real world.

E60 BMW 5 Series by G-Power
E60 BMW 5 Series by G-Power

Cars live for much longer than usual here and if that’s the case, why not make your own stand out… or maybe outperform the newest model?

The German tuner has proven time and time again that there’s plenty of technology they have at their disposal to do so. Somehow, that’s not the case.

Whatever the person that contracted the E60 5 Series with G-Power didn’t bother with the performance aspects. The only thing that may help is the custom exhaust system.

E60 BMW 5 Series by G-Power
E60 BMW 5 Series by G-Power

Some would say the new wheel and tire setup would help the situation but that’s not always the case so let’s not focus on that aspect for now.

The best you can get from that equation is the fact that the amount of un-sprung mass has been considerably reduced.

Of all the changes in this condition, the most important ones of the lot is the removal of the electronic speed limiter.

E60 BMW 5 Series by G-Power
E60 BMW 5 Series by G-Power

Unless you get some of the more powerful versions of the E60 5 Series, that might not be the most important bit you can get as most will hardly hit 150.

Really, your best option is to enjoy the styling tweaks G-Power blesses you with and try not to notice the asking price for the conversion.

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  1. The latest G-Power tuned BMW 5 Series has all the key credentials to provide compelling performance stats and luxury that of a proper sports car.

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