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Hamann BMW X6 Tycoon EVO gets new skin

Ever think you’d seen it all? Obviously that can’t be real but the feeling does occasionally pop up and make you feel special regardless of the field we’re talking about.

Unfortunately, it quickly goes away as stuff like this pops up. IF you can spot through the camouflage (not the pre-production stuff), you’ll notice that there’s a BMW X6 underneath.

Hamann BMW X6 White Tiger
Hamann BMW X6 White Tiger

Not only that, it’s actually one of the few that actually received the Tycoon EVO package from Hamann tuning. Or did it?

Obviously, the panels have been altered in the appropriate fashion and they do seem to be genuine but is this really a Tycoon EVO makeover, or just some make-up?

Hamann would not be the first to release information about their customers but nor do they seem to be inclined to clear up this one either.

Is this a fire-breathing Siberian tiger of a crossover or is it just a calm and friendly little zebra pretending to be more dangerous than it really is.

Your guess is as good as mine but let’s face it, regardless of the pickings, having this Hamann tweaked BMW X6 didn’t really come cheap, why cut back on the performance?

Why not have your sporty looking SAC turned into a car that could actually be described as sporty. Would anybody really feel its inappropriate for a car like this to have 670 horsepower?

Hamann BMW X6 White Tiger
Hamann BMW X6 White Tiger

Let’s think about it, it’s not like a car such as the X6 was ever bought for environmental concerns, not even the most efficient BMW diesel could make it polar bear friendly.

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