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KW introduces adjustable suspension for E9x BMW 3 Series

The possibilities are starting to really go wild in terms of tuning capabilities these days. Technology is no longer limited to the big wigs who’ve got loads of money.

Relatively small companies like the guys at KW Suspensions have recently unveiled their crowning achievement in terms of body control.

E93 BMW 3 Series KW coilover
E93 BMW 3 Series KW coilover

The stainless steel KW DDC ECU coilover kit comes with all the speed capabilities of an aftermarket setup but has none of the drawbacks.

This is because they’ve finally cracked the adjustability features on this product and they can genuinely offer the same range between track days and the road to and from there.

Usually, to adjust these settings you’d have to be very handy with a wrench or have a dedicated mechanic for this stuff.

E93 BMW 3 Series KW coilover
E93 BMW 3 Series KW coilover

Now though, it’s back to buttons for all those who have a E9x 3 Series BMW and effortless changes. Further more, there’s even an app you can use to make a wireless change to your setup.

When you go through your phone or tablet, you can adjust the dampers individually, save setups and so on. If you’re a less involved person, you get a knob to shift between Comfort, Sport and Sport+ like you would in anything M division.

BMW’s 3 Series first got this KW suspension kit adjusted to its E91 estate version and it is now available for the more entertaining E92/93 two door versions.

E93 BMW 3 Series KW coilover
E93 BMW 3 Series KW coilover

The coilover kit allows you to adjust both the harshness of the suspension and the ride height, by as much as 60 mm depending on the model you fit it to.

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