BMW M5 Tuning

PP Performance mildly upgrades F10 BMW M5

PP Performance joins a list of tuners that want to see their names come up into the A List of specialist companies. Knowing that, and their announcement of a tuned F10 BMW M5, the preconceptions are already kicking in.

They’ve probably ruined our favorite performance sedan by fitting a disgusting body kit or modifying its performance to a point where it’s a drag.

F10 BMW M5 by PP Performance
F10 BMW M5 by PP Performance

It may develop a couple thousand horsepower but it has no warranty, cannot be used for more than 5 minutes and only runs on vodka and squirrel tears.

I would expect the same thing, but us judgmental fools have been set straight by the small German tuner who’ve turned up with an easily digestible makeover.

They’ve fitted the F10 M5 with their own new exhaust system, a borrowed muffler, borrowed carbon fiber air intakes and remapped the ECU.

F10 BMW M5 by PP Performance
F10 BMW M5 by PP Performance

And the exterior? Well PP Performance didn’t bother with it, they don’t plan to mess about with perfection. That’s just as well since M Division discrete appearance is still there.

Also, the M Division Performance is still there, with quite the bonus. All those aditions have bumped the 4.4 liter V8 Twin-Turbo to 640 horsepower and 608 lb-ft of torque.

F10 BMW M5 by PP Performance
F10 BMW M5 by PP Performance

Love this one. It’s not the sort of tuner car that is created to bring joy, controversy or discussion points to those around.

This one was created to bring joy to the driver. Isn’t that what BMW, particularly M Division products, are supposed to be all about?


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