BMW M3 Tuning

Turner Motorsport E92 M3s driven by Matt Farah

Provided you’re not a subscriber to Youtube’s Drive TV (which you should be, do it now) you’ve likely not seen Matt Farah, their expert on tuned cars, drive two M3s recently.

Both of them come from the E92 family and both of them had been tweaked by Turner Motorsport. The cars are totally different though.

Turner Motorsport E92 BMW M3
Turner Motorsport E92 BMW M3

One of them is simply titled the Frozen Grey M3. It’s not the limited edition product from BMW but one seriously modded toy.

Being Will Turner’s personal car, the thing is a street car but the American tuner oriented itself properly on handling, having fitted only a small power boost.

The 4.2 liter V8 engine is only adjusted up to 535 horsepower. That’s a boost of 25% but it is still less than a whole lot of tune-ups we’ve seen.

Fitting a KW DDC suspension kit, upgraded wheel & tire setup and then opting for a set of brakes that are simply as close to racing units as you can get is what amazes Farah.

Well, maybe impresses him. Amazement is what happens when he steps into the Turner Motorsport M3 racer. This is where he drives a Continental Tire Series Championship winning car.

It’s the car that Bill Auberlin and Paul Dalla Lana drive these days and it is brilliant. The only problem here is the conditions of the review.

Turner Motorsport E92 BMW M3
Turner Motorsport E92 BMW M3

Because the very same car was going to race a couple of days after the shoot, caution was at the top of the priority list.

Even driving ridiculously slowly, a man who’s driven thousand horsepower cars was completely impressed with the setup.

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