BMW M5 Tuning

Vilner trims the E60 BMW M5

Vilner Tuning work pretty much on contract. Their projects are exclusive, expensive and on a wide variety of products depending on customer demand.

We must then consider ourselves lucky to see them take on another BMW project, especially one that’s as dear to our hearts as this one.

Vilner Tuning E60 BMW M5
Vilner Tuning E60 BMW M5

The E60 BMW M5 may be outdated now, but it still has plenty of pace under its bonnet. Therefore, the list of fans is not about to stop soon.

For this particular project, the guys at Vilner didn’t mess about with the glorious 5.0 liter V10 engine or anything that’s part of the underpinnings.

Instead, they’ve focused on the stuff they do best, the decorative treats. The exterior of the E60 M5 gets fresh 20 inch HRE P40 alloy wheels.

Vilner Tuning E60 BMW M5
Vilner Tuning E60 BMW M5

That’s the only modification that’s halfway technical but otherwise we’re looking at cosmetics, with everything from head to toe being murdered out.

A nice finish, one that can hide some of the E60’s less than impressive lines beautifully. As usual for Vilner, the real treat is to be found inside.

An upgraded leather finish covers everything from the headrest to the door panels and makes the steering wheel and handbrake more pleasant to manage.

Vilner Tuning E60 BMW M5
Vilner Tuning E60 BMW M5

Finally, the headliner receives an Alcantara cover, the interior trim gets a few carbon fiber touches and you’re ready to go.

We don’t know who the owner of this car is but it’s obvious that he won’t be disappointed the least bit by his new ride.

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