BMW X6 Tuning

AC Schnitzer E71 BMW X6 Falcon kit

Team AC Schnitzer have been incredibly successful this year in the DTM as they’ve managed to bring back BMW’s M3 to the sport with a championship win.

Meanwhile, in the real world, people are appreciating the brand for things that are somewhat less fast, less sporty and less freshly introduced.

AC Schnitzer E71 BMW X6
AC Schnitzer E71 BMW X6

Regardless of the situation, the BMW X6 is quite the strong selling vehicle and it’s only natural to want to make a custom version for your own enjoyment.

So many zeros stuck on a car which is supposed to be sporty, sexy and still have a high driving position and an off-road look.

Within tuning this car, it’s fairly predictable to understand why AC Schnitzer tuned it the way they did. The German specialist didn’t bother too much with the off-road aspect.

AC Schnitzer E71 BMW X6
AC Schnitzer E71 BMW X6

It’s all about the sporty side of the equation. Once they were done with the 22 inch alloy wheel selection and aerodynamic body kit, things were mostly sorted on the look.

The suspension was also sharpened up but the boring side of the story is that the diesel engines are the only ones getting a performance tweak.

In AC Schnitzer form the BMW X6 xDrive30d develops 272 horsepower now whereas the xDrive35d is pushing out 310 horsepower.

AC Schnitzer E71 BMW X6
AC Schnitzer E71 BMW X6

All of these upgrades come in a nicely obvious packaged German form with some of the most decent or most overwhelming exterior packages.

Just in order to complete the whole deal, the E71 BMW X6 Falcon kit also comes with a considerable warranty which stretches up to two years or 100.000 km.

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